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Welcome to the Convene Soccer community! This community provides a comprehensive platform for collaboration among soccer people of all kind. Convene Soccer will allow for players, coaches, parents, fans, referees - every type of soccer person - to connect, communicate, collaborate and educate others about all things soccer.

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w9XIJqpQOOQKEbMD4EYK8zJDIRhQR9xPKqWI62G8.png2TWljc6yE9I1neCQtUvMXoXugTiTuSQsjwBvu6OV.pngHow Can You Use Convene Soccer?

- Club and Team management -

    - Announcements, discussion boards, film analysis, scheduling, travel details, task management, etc. 

- Training -

    - Technical, tactical, and fitness exercises outside of regular training can be put into Experiences that anyone can use and enjoy.

- Film Analysis -

   - Breaking down recorded game footage by player, position, or the entire team.

- Education and Development -

    - Coaches, referees, club administrators, local & state organizations, etc can use Convene Soccer by using their existing training programs to train & educate their staff & members within our Syllabus & Experience platforms. 

- Student-Athletes -

    - Students & athletes can connect with each other sharing tips on how to become a better player, how to train properly, boast about their favorite teams & players. The opportunities are endless!


All you need to do is contact Jeff Bateson or John Blake to find out all the other ways that Convene Soccer can help you Connect, Collaborate, Communicate and Educate.

Contact us through Convene Messager.

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