Tryouts...from a Coach's Perspective
by Jeff Bateson

Every year, millions of children are put through the pressure-filled experience of Tryouts. These children vie for a coveted spot on a competitive team, in a competitive club, with other (competitive) children, in front of competitive full view of competitive parents. What a stressful situation, for EVERYONE involved. However, it doesn't often get perceived in that manner. Most people don't realize that tryouts are extremely stressful for coaches, too!

This Experience is based on a real-life Facebook post from one of my dear coaching friends. He has been a well-respected coach for 20+ years, ranging in experience from 6yr-olds to high-level college and professional players. To say he has been through many a tryout would be an understatement. I URGE you to read the full, un-edited, post he wrote regarding tryouts - maybe even twice - to gain an insight as to what the VAST majority of coaches think about tryouts. Perhaps more importantly, to read what advice he has for players, parents and administrators. 

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