Coaching Your Players
by Matthew Currin

Coaching U12 girls can be quite the experience. As a coach for 17 years the team pictured above was one of my favorites. You may ask why? Each and every one of these young ladies had a unique personality and were all motivated in different ways. These girls were the third team of their age level. What makes that interesting is that these girls were all quality players with a huge upside, but they also had felt the crushing pain of not making an upper team. Because of this many of the girls confidence had been crushed. 

As a coach I feel that it was my job to get to know all of these young ladies and to also give them the confidence to grow as soccer players. In my opinion coaches forget that we have a great influence on our players lives both on and off the field. Coaches cannot take this responsibility lightly. This experience will discuss why we must understand the importance of being a coach. 

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