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Daily Habits for the Well-Rounded Student-Athlete

Jeff Bateson

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Are you are interested in becoming a respected, well-rounded and overall better athlete? If so, then this Group is for you. Daily Habits for the Well-Rounded Student-Athlete is gear towards athletes looking for different ways to improve themselves from the inside-out. Daily Habits will help improve your athletic abilities, aid in finding new ways to become a better person, encourage your teammates towards their own personal growth, as well as build respect and success for you, your program and your teammates.

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 Check back in frequently for a new way to improve yourself, strengthen your daily habits, and achieve your athletic goals.


 Get your friends and teammates to join the Group, so you can read about their answers and outlook on the Daily Habits.


 Ask your coaches to join in the discussion so that you all can see their point of view, coming from their personal experience as both a former student-   athlete as well as in their current position of being your coach.


 Most of all, enjoy the Experiences and be prepared to Learn Something New Every Day!

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